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Security and Fire Standards

Eurosafe recommends and promotes the use of European security and fire standards for the testing and certification of safes, strongrooms and locks. Our organisation works to help both the consumer and the insurance industry by promoting reliable, and comparable security levels.

Working Standards

The European Standards have working groups that write and edit the standards to keep them up to date with new updates such as tooling or attacks by criminals. Eurosafe members are active in these groups to ensure our organisation is kept updated with changes that are going on.

CEN TC 263 Workgroup WG1 Safes and Secure Storage
CEN TC 263 Workgroup WG2 Fire Resistance
CEN TC 263 Workgroup WG3 Safe Locks

Testing and Certification

The products manufactured in our industry are for the protection of valuables against burglary and fire. The type of valuables requiring protection varies, depending on whether the product is for domestic or commercial use.

A neutral assessment of the quality of a product is essential, as is the neutrality of certification bodies that carry out uniform testing procedures. This gives the general public and insurance companies more confidence in the final product.

As an organisation we are strong supporters of the European testing standards. Additional national requirements and other conditions imposed by public authorities hamper the free movement and easy comparability of goods.

Eurosafe only supports Certification Bodies and Testing Houses that cooperate with the European Certification Body for Security products (ECBS) and/or European Fire & Security Group (EFSG).

Alternative Tests and Certification

There are a number of other bodies testing & certifying to European standards. Eurosafe does not recognise these in the same way, as the experience & test procedures of other institutions cannot be guaranteed.

There are many additional National Standards for safes & secure storage, as well as some other internationally recognised standards. Eurosafe believes that the European Standards EN14450, EN1143-1, EN1143-2, EN1300, EN17646 are industry leading and the best available. It therefore chooses to promote these over all others.

We have organised standards into easy to understand sections. Read more about the testing process and certifications for each type of industry standard.